Good Food For Thought From My Sponsor Mary Dertien –

Good Food For Thought From My Sponsor Mary Dertien


As we all (should) know, our HGH Gel WORKS ... for every user who allows enough TIME for it to works its magic! Perhaps our greatest challenge is making new users understand that they are NOT going to see a "total transformation" of their bodies in 30-60-90 days ...

Whatever our "body concerns," whatever we want to "correct" ... nobody gets to that condition in only a few months ... it's taken YEARS to arrive at that point. It is totally UNREALISTIC to think all those concerns are going to respond and/or be GONE within 1-2-3 bottles of gel or within 1-2-3 months!

We don't get OLD in 90 days ... We don't "get younger" in 90 days.

Even with HGH injections, doctors often tell their patients to not even BEGIN the regimen unless they're committed to at least 6 months of needles!

Some of our top doctors have suggested a "loading dose" during the first few weeks ... using more gel than instructed on the bottle--and possibly even 7 days a week for the first two weeks.

If someone has limited funds and doesn't want to go through a bottle a month ... (2 pumps, twice daily, 5 days/week) ... so is making that bottle last for TWO months ... it's logical to assume the results will be more gradual with that "budget" regimen. But things WILL begin changing and improving!

With our gel, it's VERY important that we don't allow someone to begin using it with unrealistic expectation! Our bodies AGE over many years of time ... decades! Day by day, we don't even NOTICE things are changing ... and we're "growing OLDER."

The "rejuvenation" supported by the gel is ALSO gradual ... and the results are cumulative. The longer we use Somaderm, the more able our bodies are to repair or reverse assorted issues.

Yes, we regularly hear from people who experience some remarkable change during the first month--or even the first WEEK! But the story will be FAR more rounded out and gratifying after 6-10-12+ months! We even hear about new and significant changes well into Year #2!

Let's all make a pointed effort to help EACH new user (Customer or Distributor) start out with REALISTIC expectations--and Danelle's insights below will help us all!

Cheering you on,

Mary Dertien


FROM FACEBOOK (TEAM NUL OFFICIAL TEAM GROUP) - Words of wisdom from Diamond Ambassador Danelle Verzaro:The Gel works. Period. But after a while of doing this, I've learned... πŸ‘‰Not everyone LETS the Gel work for them!!

Let me explain 😍... I hear people say things like this...

βœ¨β€The Gel might work for you, but doesn't work for me."✨ (Were your expectations realistic? Have you troubleshooted your products with me during the first two months?? I would love to personalize your protocol so that you experience wonderful resultsπŸ‘Œβ€)

✨"I gained weight so I stopped."✨
(The extra water we recommend you drink releases toxins and can cause a couple pounds of 'weight gain' during your first two Detox Months. This is rare. But if it happens to you, don't worry🌷. Hydration is a GOOD thing! It can take time for your body to figure out how to properly flush and utilize the extra hydration.) πŸŒŠπŸ’§πŸ’¦

✨"It's been 3 months and I've not lost # pounds, so I quit."✨ (Throw the scale away. Who cares if you lose weight as long as you are losing inches! Losing inches translates to FAT loss. I have customers who have gained weight, yet are wearing clothes 3 sizes SMALLER than when they began!! Also - the Gel helps to protect lean muscle. And muscle takes up less space than fat. βœ…

✨"I tried it before and didn't notice any changes."✨
(What changes were you looking for? Non-scale victories are the first and most important clues that the Gel is working. Were you inconsistent or did you drink too much ALCOHOL?
Some non/scale victories includeπŸ‘‰πŸ»More restful sleep, a clearer head, lifted and balanced emotions, more energy in your afternoons, etc. Again, talk with me! We are here to help, every step of the wayπŸ’)

✨"I'm just going to start eating healthy food."✨
(Sounds good! How long before your will power quits again?? It's not completely your fault or an issue or self-control. Your body's imbalances are what makes cravings for sugar and carbs STRONG😱. Balance the body, change your cravings. Eating healthier will become become a🌷DESIRE🌷! It's a wonderful thing and it takes a little timeπŸ•°πŸ’™

✨"After a couple of days I felt tired, so I quit."✨
(Fatigue is a sign that the body is detoxing and a reason to drink more water! This will help your detox pathways to better do their job. Also, getting REST would be very helpful during this time-frame. Your body is working overtime to flush your body of toxins! Keep going! It's working! πŸ’ƒ)

✨"I got a rash so I stopped. I must be allergic."✨
(The skin is another pathway for detox. It's our larger organ! Again, more water, light walking, and gentle Epsom salt baths will help move your body through this stage πŸŒ·)

πŸ’™ So if you're motivated by RESULTS, experiencing 'discomfort' at the start is most likely detox and your body's signal that it is 'cleaning house.' The Gel is actually WORKING. Ridding your body of years of toxic build up.

I am walking-talking-living proof that these products work. This company is growing at an incredible rate.
πŸ‘‰That wouldn't be the case if the Gel didn't work!!
Want to feel better? Want to reach your goals?


This is a natural solution that requires consistency and time. Your body is an amazing machine. Give it the support and time it needs and watch what happens. YOU ARE WORTH IT! πŸ’—

Get in Mental & Physical Shape!

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